My Stairway to Heaven; bought it from G.o.D



Spiritually I've been on a mission lately, searching for my soul...

what I found was a mere image of what my imagination perceives of me,

in which at this point I accept the shadows that linger with every step I

take towards what seemed to be the light before, now it’s more of a blur;

I stopped walking towards the light, because I realized I've gained night

vision like an owl, as I walk across the cemetery of forgotten thoughts

and desires.

One desire has resurrected from a shallow grave, I never really said,

"Good-bye," to her before she died. Now we make love at the witching

hour every night; when the sun rises, to our coffins we hide from the

shame of our lust and the morning light of day. This time, I'm taking her

love in moderation, one breathe at a time! I just breathe her in!

She happens to be the lady who was trying to buy her stairway to heaven;

the first flight was a failed attempt—she lost her holy step, and fell between

heaven and space! A harder fall from grace, ten times more of sins she shall

embrace; breaking her or making her better than her creator…but not better

than me! I took a break from my spiritual mission and started collecting toll at

the entrance of the second stairway to heaven, which happens to be the first

one that I now own!!

I bought the stairway to heaven from a traveling man, calls himself, ‘GOD,’

“Which one?” I asked. “The One and only,” he quickly answered. He looked

startled, amazed that I did not know of him. The wind was blowing strong and

heavy on this day, I thought I heard this guy say, “Repent.” I figured he was

trying to convince himself not to sell me the stairway to heaven. “Hmm, I guess

GOD isn’t perfect after all!” I thought to myself. The self-proclaim God looks at

me and says, “You’re right, I am not perfect!” Shit, now I was the one startled,

“Did this muthafucka just read my mind.” Fucken’ interesting I tell you!

He said he was broke and needed the dough! “Cash-money only,” he let me know

before the deal went down. Finally admitting the stairway to heaven wasn’t

bringing in the money it used to, when flock of souls would line up daily and pay

their way to heaven. He blames it on other religions, and The Illuminati! “Ah, yes,

I belong to The Illuminati.” I said. Then added, “That’s why I don’t have a clue of

whom you are; I denounce everything that’s holy in my mother’s womb!” Anyways,

“What a nice fellow,” I said out loud. I called out to him, “Hey man, you’re a cool

dude, whenever you want to go upstairs, come see me, free of charge!

God smiled at me and rolled a tear; I knew, he knew that I knew I had just saved

him a place in heaven. How cool am I! I charge three shinny nickels for a flight up

the stairway to heaven. Most of the souls are broken and broke; they can’t spare

fifteen cents for their salvation. Then again, most of them only get two shinny

nickels when they pass-away from relatives and other loved ones.

Meaning, to get the third nickel you will kill a man or woman, lie to family and

friends, or cheat on your marriage, and life. Abuse the meek, taking full advantage

of their needs! The best part of this money making scheme, these naïve and stupid

souls don’t realize they’re living in Purgatory; waiting for roll call, but are oblivious

to the thought of judgment day! I knew better and made a pact with the devil

anyways; I saw my final destination once, and heaven isn't it!

You can say we’re business partners in conning souls to believe they’re still alive

and living on earth everyday as if yesterday never became. By the way, if you’re

interest in a flight up these stairs, today and today only I am having a buy one, get

one half price tickets to heaven!

You can bring your soul mate if you chose too, but that’ll be like bringing sand into

a sandlot!  “Step right up souls!” This Stairway is going to heaven (blink of an eye).



Author's Notes/Comments: 

I own the stairway to heaven???

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