Your smile lost in the light

Your smile pours honey, in your eyes

I hide to not suffer from your


The complaint of your tears open

roads unknown but in search of peace.


Yesterday I saw the waves calm to the

sound of your voice, I learned that your

kisses taste of salt and sulfur, but your

love is eternal with pain; you don’t

belong to someone else, you’re not

unknown, perhaps a friend. Bold.

The fast life!



“If my words offend you, cut my tongue

off with scissors full of mold and cold dry

blood from other poisonous tongues!”


This morning I saw you stepping out of

your tomb in a black dress, crying,

laughing, speaking alone like a crazy

woman, but I'm the one that’s crazy for

loving my hearts cry. My dreams of love,

I speak with your ghost, but I am

reminded that you’re not dead, and

simply your existence  to oblivion.


The truth is that we are two different

beats, universal rhythms with sensitive

hearts, it would be better if the space

between us were extended further than

our fingertips.

That our paths never take flight, when

you understand whom you lost, turn

around and look at your destiny less

unknown. The sun over your head, your

smile is lost in the light.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

When a feeling dies!!

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