Ode' of Sergio Valencia...

Pass midnight; I sit and write this Ode' to me...
the poet who critques the soul of mankind- As
I write I reflect upon my past, the voyage, a
journey that seems to never end...dreams are
rare; like rain in July or a miracle! 
Somewhere along the way I lost track of hope,
faith, and my soul for fame and fortune; women,
money, sleepless nights are welcomed- my rest
will be eternal when I die; "soon is taking longer
than later!"
I am a spy to my lovers' wishes; I grant them
before they awake...before sunrise I magicaly 
dissapear through the windows of their hearts-
I am the pretender of love, manipulate feelings,
deceiver of emotions; all is done with a smile 
and a snake's charm...hypnotizing!!
I question evolution, the beginning of time, and 
a man named 'Je-sus' appearently the savior of
mankind?! It is now 1:21am, sitting in my room
thinking about the highest and lowest point, the
rush, the adrenaline for my spirit, the energy
needed to continue through the soft parade,
"Once I get to the end, I will begin the cycle
again...I just took the hit!" 
Outside the rain falls as I blow clouds through 
my window composing my Ode'; obituary when I
die- Immortality will be my curse; the heat in my 
room rises..."so naked I sit and write, smoke, 
reload, and smoke some more." Emotions are
neutral, not a care in the world; I masochist,
sadomize the mind of the weak...take advantage
of the meak and weary- 
I speak in tongues with the shadows, blasphemous
points-of-views...holy is my cock! I dance naked in
the dark, raped by the riders in the storm; I
welcome and open doors- killing my beliefs in the
cordilleras of Heidi; the New Jerusalem! 
My grail I stole from a carpenter, while fulfilling his
last temptation with the village whore; "She wrote
a book about it, hardly anybody knows!" I sing the 
ghost song as I touch myself- Every night I
celebrate the return of the lizard...My Ode' is 
Author's Notes/Comments: 

My Ode' past, future, and present!!

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