Great Pretender

When I speak to your shadow, I
discover more about you…
Your eyes become windows with
a view of the unknown-
My perception near then far, lost
somewhere between Genesis and
Exodus; every word you say cuts
like a double-bladed sword
puncturing my heart of gold- If this
is paradise, I rather stay in hell…
Your thoughts are haunting; wicked
is your spirit…loving you is blasphemy,
an addiction, the contradiction of my
soul? which now you own!
I patiently wait for the sun, for the
Rooster’s crow…this is when I get to
speak to you, while your shadow lays
to rest-

Each dawn of a new day I speak to you;
I discover more about your shadow-
Her eyes are pearls, the world becomes
my oyster, salvation without crucifixion,
non-fiction, no messiah to worship; only
your shadow and I secluded in the infinite
of our minds...Her words are poems of
inspiration, narrating my life, composing my
rhythm and rhymes in the pages of my
poetry books- With your shadow, heaven’s
stairway is near- no fear for the unknown…
her thoughts are soothing, a free spirit
traveling with my soul across the universe;
when dusk approaches, I hide from you,
wishing death upon you so I can lay and
sleep next to your shadow…

Author's Notes/Comments: 

It is when she sleeps that I make love to her shadow!!

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