G.O.D. Re Invent

G.O.D. Re Invent

To worship the unseen, build
faith for the unknown, if you
ask me…"we all stand alone!"

Salvation will depend on who
arms themselves first; the
rapture will begin with Marshall
Law imposed…

To control the masses ‘religion’
was established, manipulated
in every creed, stories of a
messiah’s second coming sounds
like a myth.

If perfection is the GOD of mankind,
why was free will given? How were
each and every one of use chosen
to live in this hell on earth? and then
makes us feel guilty if this GOD is not
served; takes enjoyment in casting
souls into a lake of fire; sounds like a
sadist to me….

I was blind once, but now I see from
one eye the truth behind the holy and
so-called chosen few; they are rapist,
adulterers, fornicators, liars, and
deceivers, praying for you in the name
of ‘Hey-Sus.’

Maybe the spirit I felt when I was
younger was not heavenly. I feel
condemned!! The Illuminati is calling,
my soul now has a price for complete

With animals I lay and play…nocturnal
rituals in the name of Moloch I claim…
perverted thoughts become actions of
praise; tonight your savior will sleep
with me, her name is Lilith!!

This bible that is preached has missing
books; secrets in them hold the key to
the truth, that there is no GOD only the
fascination of hope; a spiritual placebo
mentally adjusting to your belief.

I do not pray, for those who exalt this
GOD, are claiming to an idea created by
mankind ages ago, re-invented through
time to fit the signs of those times.

Natural disasters are forthcoming;
Nostradamus knew this and manipulated
the knowledge he had, just like the Aztec
witch doctors knew that Eclipses were a
natural event in space and told the
multitudes that those were the signs of
the GODS gave when the people were
disobedient, so punishment was inflicted.

There is no GOD of faith, hope, and
salvation. I welcome you to praise and
worship my G.O.D ; Gold. Oil. Diamonds….
rule you and me!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

An Atheist Thought!!

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