I Will Be Me

The last but not least of true poetry
my old poems buried with yesterdays
dreams, now I make love to
Dancingblue while I howl at the moon-

Assassinated my characters; self-
homicide then suicide; shallow grave
resurrection; the savior of spoken
words returns. There Is no Messiah;
she is dead!

Forthcoming, the Revolution of the new
era to my incredible madness; creativity
multiplied by 92.5 Fahrenheit, slow
burning my thoughts divided by ten
dimensions composing beat down poetry
from the soul…

I posses mind control, A born-again
Atheist, never had a religion to lose, I
chose to discriminate, my looks intimidate,
always find a way to say what may offend
others in such a clever state; today just
happens to be one of those days!

Am I the hope you linger for in a midnight
chase; alley cats I lay with; nipples I caress….
I am the sexual climax you want to reach,
your ecstasy, the addiction to the drug you
cannot live without…

I have been lost, then found, and lost again…
If you ask me if I care, I’ll say,
“No Fucken Way!”

I am the missing scriptures in a book holier
than thou, the Revelations of Armageddon,
the visions of the Apostle Paul; I am John
3:16, 17, and 18…

The new Alpha of a new Omega…I was the
backdoor man, now I creep through the front
door of your wildest desires…as always live
By the wire!

My third coming in near, you will hear no
trumpets, not even a sound; a killer moves in
silence through your nightmares and fears
becoming reality..

I am here to stay even after death I welcome;
The SoulCriticpoet; the disciple of criticism.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

cannot be duplicated!!

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