I told her to close her windows because
everything outside looks distorted, she
closed her eyes and said she
would rather go blind-

"I was talking about the weather." I said,
"I am talking about your personalities,
your moods; you see they correlate.!"
I pretended to understand, but I could not

She began with Winter; how my sinister
ego makes snow storms into blizzards...

The first sign of Spring, I am reborn,
become anew, I am a delight to those
whom know me...

In the Summer your fuse shorten, adding,
"God forbid, you were told what to do. The
best of you is taken and you become an

By Autumn my smile falls, I act like I have
no love for her, my skin is pale and the
white of my eyes, yellow...

This cycle repeats itself every year like the
weather, and like the weather you are
unpredictable, personalities unstable, she

She walked through me, her spirit I felt cold,
grabbed her umbrella. "It is not raining
outside." I told her. Her reply, "Who said
anything about the rain?" besides, "I am
taking my umbrella to cover someone else's

Author's Notes/Comments: 

double meanings!

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