Critic With No Soul

"Are you tired of the light that blinds you?"-
guides you through the roads that lead to
You are standing in the same place you
began to drift--the circle you walk-in has
become a ditch; keeping sanity and freedom
distant, salvation obsolete....
A prisoner of your own demise--decaying
dreams are your purgatory; now the rain
falls upon your lips, but your thirst for life is
not quenched, the desire to live grows,
spreads like a wild fire--the flood that rises
from the rain, which became a storm
extinguishes any hope your fire burned....
Gasping for air, you drown in the flood of
your misery--rain drops awaken you by the
shores of yesterday; as you open your eyes
the view is familiar to a place you have been
This place is lonely but comforting--corpses
dance with shadows; I laugh at the face in
the mirror; the face in the mirror laughs back
at me--sinister are the ways of the night, the
Rooster awaits, cock in hand, naked breast
with dilated nipples....
The day of the dead approaches, sacrifice
your body to Moloch-the owl man--naked poet
"Why do you critic the souls of mankind without
critiquing your own?"
This poet has no soul!!!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Do you have a soul?

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