Writing About?

Everyday you write; you write poems,
stories of dreams and galaxies-
That Jesus Christ does not forgive the
condemned, you write thoughts of those
over there; fantasies of death and how
the mind shall continue thinking after
death ...
Everyday it is your dosage; peace of mind
is telling all your lies, shame, and love to
these pages virgins of your rudeness ....
You write about a manipulated innocence,
of concubines with bat wings, woman's face,
and body of a serpent-
Everyday you write; you write that maybe
God does not want you, or you him- Bullshit!
You write of your almost riches, victories,
and defeats ... that only Mary Jane is your
All the days begin differently, with different
people, unknowns, and shadows of love ....
but always end the same, with these pages
in mind, they open accounts of how all your
wishes and dreams into reality are becoming,
and these pages I only want to tell my story.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

these pages bleed me!

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