Synthesizer Music; The Day the Pigs flew.

Hideous faces with makeup covering
guilt and shame...
bathing in their muddy filth; aware of
their surroundings, but pigs don't
give a fuck!
They walk on their hind legs, with
their snouts held up high, yet hold a
conversation eye to eye-
Society's best at their worst, with an
arrogance that's repugnant; I vomit,
pigs gather at my feet to eat my
In public pigs know best, behind
close doors they sin like the rest;
one day the pigs will fly and from
their filth a new generation will breed-

Before the end...

Today began like no other; the sun
shinning and the sky blue....
the third war has begun; all the
animals in the world are running wild,
synthesizer music won't calm the
breeds, but all the pigs flew away....
leaving their filth for the animals to

Author's Notes/Comments: 

politicians are pigs!

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