Here I am, waiting for my ruca...
trucha' con mi hina.
Pasame la caguama para beber
de alegria; frio no es la vida.
Wake and bake, take nothing
for granted. Your girlfriend looks
like a whore, "its all good, at
least you score." "Get yours."...
While I get mine listening to
"to bad homey OD'd on dope!"
Drugs are the opium of artist,
some shoot up with a needle
down the middle of their toes
when the tracks of life are closing
in. Some burn oil from glass pipes,
dope is crack; crack is whack!
Cocaine is in, it creeps the evil within...
refer cigarettes are smoked by most.
Psychedelic artist and poets...
like Dali and Neruda...
the beats goes on,
"the ruca is checking me out."
"Que onda homegirl?"

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"like whatever!"

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