God's Children

An image of God's creation, mere perfection
in his eyes...a grain of sand in his palms-
From dust to dust...from life to death, all
with a breath of his air-

We share and take, bribe and make laws'
never followed...Anoint and assassinate
those in power-

Shallow minds' and hollow thoughts...
full of faith and hope for a second coming.
In Between the herd of lambs lie goats',
religious believers; behind close doors'
fornicating sinners.' Preaching the gospel
but living in adultery.

Molding pottery with rough clay; under the
heat they crack and give way.
Ministers with sinister ways, talking about
the last days and those left behind.
Amongst those you shall find them.

Many winners cheat, plenty of sore losers'
don't try to win-
Great achievers', liars' and deceivers'.
Underachievers' with smiles and compassion;
the wealthy pity the poor; the poor wish they
were wealthy...

The rich won't lend you a dollar without
making interest...
Borrow from the poor; they will tell you to
keep it and God Bless you.

Equality is living...let us not be naive, our
color, race, sex, nationality, our personal
opinions' and ideas' diversify us-

Segregation is still found in the neck of the
woods...the young continue dying in the
hoods'...but it's "all good," right?!

We're all 'God's Children' born under the
light; which makes me think, "How we
would be if we were created in darkness?"

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Born into the light, living in the darkness...

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