War Theatre

Feeling calm, nourishing peace-
sound of the wind whispering...
Birds chirp to welcome today.

A jet breaks silence dropping
hate upon the land causing
Lock on the enemy; target
missed- innocent casualties are
the result.

We hear it through the
airwaves, both frequencies in
fact. If I am not mistaken,
satellite communication is at
its peak. Why wait for the
evening news when there's
late breaking news every
hour, minute, and seconds of
the day; families especially
mothers cannot get enough
of this 'war theatre' being
displayed before their eyes
with 'live coverage' you can
count on. As if the thought of
their love ones being at war
was not enough anguish.
Media brings us 'up-close' and
'personal' with our brave men
and women performing in
military arts. Reporters risk
their life for a snapshot of 'that
moment in time' that will
reward them with a bigger
slice of the pie...unfortunately
some do not even get to taste
the whip cream on top.

War is propaganda, war is
business to test new weapons
on countries who have not been
upgraded since AK47's.
War is corrupt politics; it is never
fought for what they say.
It is not about peace, it is about
increase in resources.
It is not about humanitarian
rights; it is about who is still
standing at the end of the fight.
War amuse some, confuse others,
it is good for nothing, nothing at
all. Democracy in the hands of a
bureaucracy is like telling a blind
person to "lead the way."
For now there is silence in the east
but the beast has not been
unleashed- until then more battles
will be shown daily in the everyday
features of a war theatre...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

your vote will not stop wars!!!

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