A night with The Lizard King

Lizard Chronicles

She built an image of me...divine,
heaven sent-Godly, wept in silence
and prayed that the lizard prince
would come and rescue her from
her nightmares and fears...
Her weakness; sexual pleasure, a
desire for the snake to enter her
birth canal, up her loins, gratification
of the flesh- I fornicate, she commits
Skeletons surround her bedroom, a
pale Frita stares from the wall;
Diego stands besides her-faces of
death decorate her sanctuary...
Candles burn black and white, her
aunt is a Wiccan, she loves El Dia De
Los Muertos like her birthday-
the lizard prince took her back to a
place where ecstasy existed and
climax was reached...
The lustful night began with tokes of
the good herb, mellow groove, she
moves with the music, her hips
hypnotize me, I sway like an
enchanted snake-inside her I roam
and slither....
In the morning, she asked for more;
She fell in love with The Lizard King;
she fell in love with the words of a poet...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

She's going crazy!!

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