I am looking at a marble frame
in front of me...
A clear picture of my ex-girlfriend
and I come to mind...
Graduation night, July 19, 1995;
one day before my birthday.
The best night of my life. My life
is full of surprises, graduating
was a big surprise!
I took many pictures that night,
but the one with my ex-girlfriend
and I is the only picture in mind...
I guess is because without her
help, I would have not been here.
Telling you this, I miss her!
Anyways, I am not a picture
person, do not like to take them,
be in them, or even have them,
but if I had a choice of having one
picture, it will be the one where
my ex-girlfriend and I looked like
the happiest couple in the world...
It remains only picture in my mind.
Do not take pictures the way you
see them...for granted!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

the frame...

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