The Strip

Sin City; Sodom and Gomorrah, yeah! that's where we're heading.
A long quiet drive. A friend is keeping her distance;
contradicting the words that she spoke- We get to the strip and let loose.
Seven to one room, MGM is played out! because I've stayed there before.
"Damn, I'm hungry," one complains; it's usually the loudest one-
An all-you-can-eat buffet at the RIO for $14.99, I only ate one plate.
I'm trying to watch my figura, yeah!

An All-Star event Sunday night at the House of Blues- V.I.P because we got
it like that..."I'm buzzing homey, I got the next round." The music is exhilarating,
"May I have this dance?"There's an emptiness that surrounds me,
"Why is she acting like this?" If she weren't my friend, I would say she's acting
like a bitch!...oops, I just did. I'll walk away from your life. I'm a rambler, so I'll
continue my journey on this highway called life- My generosity is greatly appreciated,
but I won't over do it, to the point of hurting myself!

Fuck love! but it's needed and no one can live without it, and if they say they can,
they're lying! Enough!...let's continue. Early bird gets the worm, or at least an early
breakfast. A three hour walk in the morning, sightseeing around town; up and down
the escalators, the nickel slots are ringing- High rollers dealing, compulsive gamblers
bet their life away. Walking, talking to strangers, meeting new people,so many faces.
Spaces are formed by diversity. I miss my friends, so I'll go see if they're still asleep.
Last time I seen them they were in a deep slumber. Throughout the day we snap
memories away. Magic shows question the mind. A fortune teller behind the glass tells
me to look out for April; it may bring me wealth...we'll see!!

Pizza for dinner, a late night cuisine. Let's get into our finest and look our best.
Another night of dancing- let the music set you free. Let's get ready to rumble!!
at the Rumjungle inside the Mandalay Bay. Waiting to enter the scene, I voice my
opinion to a friend; a beautiful friend with mesmerizing eyes. She's young and smart,
sweet as a pie- she has a big spirit, my little sister at heart. We enter the club, the spot is
popping. Liquor and women for days..."Man, I'm never leaving Las Vegas," but I have too.
Double-rum and coke through out the night, my head is spinning; I'm feeling cool-daddy-o...
There is no sex in the champagne room, but for those two that goes without saying.
Las Vegas, a wonder it its making. Walked out the doors at four in the morning, drunk and cold,
smoking a stogie. On my way to the room, service was acknowledged but I passed the offer.
Open the door, straight to bed.

Woke up in the morning with a ringing in my head, don't know if it was the alcohol in me, or
listening to this troubled girl complain. I should have stayed home if I knew a child was coming along.
What floor are we on again? Nah, that's the easy way out and besides that'll hurt her.
Let's get back to the valley, going through roads and alleys to find a food joint. All in all, this was
another interesting road trip. Saw the strip come alive at night and wild in the day. I also know
I met a couple new friends and probably lost a potential best friend. Only God knows why I meet
interesting people that with time their words fade away...I'm still the same-
I'll bring the pain with my words, the truth hurts!
Las Vegas Strip; where it's all fun and games, a lot is lost and only the lucky one's gain...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I will never forget this road trip, the best!!

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