Change your emotions

Let me change your emotions, pay your attention to me,
I quote the great MO-JO-RRI-SON, his music lives in me.
Words with interpretation, deep meditation, lose your
soul...What's the price for having it all?

The Lizard King said, "The Children are insane," now the
children are fighting insanity- send the reserve to fight
this terrorist war against our country, the promise land
is retaliating, concentrating for the Holy War...

Did you enlist? Uncle Sam is dialing your numbers, "Ring,
ring...don't screen your calls, he knows your home."

Been ready for battle, young blood with guns and ammo;
World War Massacre. Backdoor entrance with no exit, until
death do me apart with my rage. I can't stop, I won't stop
yelling and telling you this is the end...

Soon there won't be flowers and sunny days- bloody acts
become our rights. I see it unraveling before my eyes, but
I don't panic- static will rise, like I said before, "I will ride."

Se los digo en Español; soy el fantasma de las palabras
dichas, ricesas de este mundo yo no tienen valor, solo dolor
en los corazones por las almas perdidas...

How long will this unity last? Are we going to become a
stronger nation?

Young dreamers, dead poets speak now, these are the
times we need to talk about. I can't stop, I won't stop, I
was born for this; my calling, no more stalling, hear me now
and evermore. In dreams I saw my salvation run away, I'm
here to stay...

Get on your knees and pray, hit a line, don't fall asleep,
stay awake, the Banshee is coming to take your children
including me- Tell me, did I change your emotions?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Did I?

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