Her Highest

Occasional delays in our love, literally it takes me higher;
my white Cinderella, where can I find thee?-
You get around like a revolving door; A serious woman
with a kiss that numbs my mouth...

Selfish bitch! don't abuse her hospitality, she'll take away
all your qualities. Every whiff of her smell puts me in control
only for a moment, then I want her more...

It's snowing in the summer, with time her love will bring you
down like an avalanche. My white Cinderella spreads her love
like my girl Mary Jane...my full time freak!

Seclusion from others, full attention to you, I lost it all...found
myself on the floor, it seems your love also give me blackouts,
when will I stop?

Is it my destiny have fallen in love with a woman that is dead?
That the only reflection I see is mine when I stare at her, as
I comb her hair until its thin and straight.

I'm in love with two women that are killing me quietly, softly
doing their damage. I know I should say no, but long
relationships are hard to let go...

They say love also kills, well let me be an example as I'm
spinning on this vertical joyride. Beauty that glows, dilating
my mind and eyes open wide...

Recently, I been participating in a threesome with these girls,
damn! they sure wear me out. Calling in, won't make it to work,
stamped and hung-over, don't bother getting up!

Should I stay away from the circle of friends that introduced me
to these hoes, these bitches don't care, they ride with everyone.
It's all mind control, situation is getting critical, if they hide, I find.

Cindy and Mary sitting on my face, f.u.c.k.i.n.g with my head, it
won't be long until I am found dead, probably from a heart failure,
yeah! a broken heart from a love overdose...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My bitches!!

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