What is it all about?

What is it all about? tell me the meaning for my acts of speech;
Are they to teach or cast stones? Only the open mind know...
Take control of your words, How far can your potential go?
What are your credentials in life? What value do I have for being
outspoken? Smoking this Lala marinates the mind but soothes
the soul.

"This is my spiritual control!"

Is it God you really trust? or men to become one. The future is
now and we're losing the wars. Talks in the east don't cease
about peace, yet no one is signing on the dotted line and when
they do, you'll hear the horn, the trumpet blown; sounds like
familiar words...

Is it worth setting this stage on fire with the desire to shine like
a crazy diamond? but every time I pass-by, they turn off the
spotlight....yeah! well, hear it about-

"I'm breaking through the other side and spitting it on you, my
words may sound meaningless, you'll see the chaos they'll bring."

I love sweets and candy but when it comes to spilling the wine I'm
letting it all out, sing your song, listen to mine...I see smiles, I see
frowns in the crowd. Is the audience really listening?

What is it all about? I have no remorse for what I say, if the truth
offends you, I'll smile and be content. I felt like a contender in my
bout, but I emerged with a knockout in round two....Will I emerge
victorious in this battle? this only you know...Who is in control?
I'll be back with more...

More...Is it about the sweet kiss, or ladies the way he holds your
hips? Is it about laughter's and cries? even tears of joy bring
healing to the wounds.

I heard it was about love...."I'm talking about love...love...with a
capitol L for the loneliness I possess." I lost my religion, my cup
overflows with legions, exorcising the demons within...

Can someone tell me what is it all about? Can anyone explain the
meaning for living this way? unique, diverse, intellectually speaking...

Is not about the music, because when it is over I'll turn off the lights.
I'll tell you what is it all about; is about us becoming one with God or
eternal flames. Is about how you stand in life and what are you doing
to make it better. Is about loyalty with white lies in-between. Is about
believing in yourself.

Puzzled? People there is no time to think; right here, right now, that's
what it is all about...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

You still don't know!!

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