Color Me Alive

Pale Horse Rider, incarnation of a lost
angel with a broken halo, and wings
covered in tar...
Sulfur secret from his pours; the
undesirable poison running through
his veins-insightful vision, yet no
clarity; blinded by the holy light...
So he closes his eyes and pretend to fly,
it is at that moment that he feels alive.

"Jesus, keep your salvation,
forgiveness not needed."

His feet are concrete when he step in
these streets of paper-mache';
stamping his progress with every step-
Under the full moon his soul howls...
from a distance he sees his soul taken
away; stolen by the devil-
Not a lost soul, only misplaced...don't
believe every smile he gives, the twinkle
in his eyes are the flames of Hell.
He who stands against him, will fall.
Moloch we enter...the days of strange,
the days of Revelation of Jesus Christ!!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The Signs of The End...

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