Introducing; The Lizard King

Lizard Chronicles

There is no escaping the devil once he has a hold of you!
Dancing in the fire only strengthens the sin,
I welcome the night in harmony, the mornings like a vampire,
and I must hide from the sun that burns me.
Don’t sleep, the night never dies and only the young last
forever between the shadows of the dark.
To give into temptation is to sell your soul;
I have sold mine tenfold.
Be aware that the light is not salvation, only damnation.
I walked away years ago only to return with a vengeance.
This time around, I’m driving the Hearst straight into Hell.
Between Heaven and Hell I was born, conceived by a mortal…
deceive by morals. Here I stand an army of one against the world.
The demons of sins follow my path and reinforce my carnal desires,
making every moment last hard and strong.
Thoughts are magnified to induce the desire burning slow,
wanting more, and more. Hide!! The dawn of a new day approaches;
our last Haven is the witching hour with a sour taste in the tongue.
Witches do their rituals, psychics connect with the dead,
and evil spreads its seed…the witching hour!
My soul leaves my body and visits hell.
You can see I have no salvation by the black of eyes and wicked stare.
Somehow I feel natural, as if I was meant to live in the dark and walk in the light.
For now, join me in another masquerade, drinks on the house, the sex is free…
Enforcing debauchery and loathing…welcome into Moloch children of the night.
Stay until you forget why you came. Come with a conscious,
leave with an uncertainty of who you are. Deep down inside you know who you are…
everyone does! But nobody cares, do want you want…become the backdoor man.
Give in; fighting the feeling only prolongs the rewards of sins.
I woke up a simple man, now the man I thought I knew…he no longer resides within;
the perfect stranger with the perfect disguise. I killed the wolves and ate the sheep.
The end is here even if you don’t believe. Blurry vision, stable object seem to float,
shadows keep whispering…conversations with myself carry on becoming arguments
with my ego, I can’t let go of my reality…I am unforgiven.
As Satan has witness me at the peak of my deprivation, self-humiliation,
it doesn’t matter though, I enjoy the manifestation of his presence…
even if it’s only for a few strokes; when weary, amplify the spirit with a toke,
continue the ritual. Deprive the mind; fulfill your darkest wishes with one command.
As you welcome the darkness into you, open your body to him…the Lizard King!
Are you ready?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

the the thoughts and ideas that breed from the past!!

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