The Essential Silence

A journey to the past begins...
my spirit wants to be alone-
In the Abyss of darkness
comfort is found in the essential
silence of time; where thoughts
remain still with a cold touch...
No more dreams, sleep is
distant, non-existent-
Under the light of the moon
my lover and I dance naked,
no music, no rhythm, no sound,
movement to the essential
silence of the night...
She has return for me, to take
me home, away from those
I know-
Becoming my destiny, the
calling of my soul; I welcome
the past, yesterdays sins
manifested once again...
Enjoy the essential silence of
the heart, no beat, no pulse,
walking dead again with the
beautiful people I left behind-
Reunited once again to
continue again where we left
This time around as ghost;
purgatory is now home, but
first I must get there alone-
Tonight the journey begins to
the past, the known unknown
On this road again I go, where
the essential silence is my
friend again until the end-

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My destiny is calling!!!

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