One Love

A four letter word with different
To love is to hurt at times for the
unknown feeling, those butterflies
in the stomach-
Too many, love is pain, emotions
slain...attitudes change, some for
the best, other's for the worst,
yet, it is that one love to cherish,
blindly accepted-
An addiction is loved by addicts,
their drug of choice becomes their
one love, forget the world, they
create their own, seclusion is their
best friend now-
A love that is obsessed can be
deadly if certain interest are not
met, becoming that one love he/
she could not forget-
We create the meaning of love
within, some times rushing in too
deep to realize the love is gone,
that one love becomes none...
lonely and sad the heart goes-
I have had many lovers, none to
call my own, if I had one love it
would be this pages I am writing
on...the only love I have!!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Poetry...My only love!!!

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