The Poem that wrote itself

The Poem that wrote itself....
began with the word Love,
but as the pages of this poem
were being written by the writer's
life, slowly it started rewriting its
message of love and began
questioning the writer's love for

The sentences began rhyming but
had no rhythm, some entries talked
about other poems written my other
lives, words of deceit began appearing
on the pages of this poem, taking the
writer longer to finish the message of

At one point, the writer lost a paragraph
of his life in the poem and could not find
it anywhere in the pages of his life,
he was certain he had finished the poem,
but one of his life's paragraph was missing.

The writer questioned his memory, and
wondered if he had lived that paragraph
before he wrote it. Confused, he started
writing the paragraph he thought he had
not lived, only to find the words of this
paragraph in another poem written by
someone else.

How did those words become part of
another poem? The writer could not figure
out how the words of his life were in
someone else's poem. As he read the
paragraph of his life missing in his poem
he realize why his life's words were not
in this poem of love; the paragraph he
lived and wrote was not about love, but
hate, confessions of guilt, and how deep
inside he could not really love, using poetry
to channel his anger and not his love for
the spoken word.

Puzzled, because he knew he had written
this paragraph in this poem and not another.
He finally finished his poem, which, began
with the word Love...closes his book.
To the writer's surprise, the pages were empty
when he open his book again, no poem of love
across the pages of his life, or signs of life at
all across the pages of this empty book, that
yesterday was a poem, but today it seems the
poem wrote itself, because the life that was
written in it had no love at all, only empty words
from an empty heart.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

a subconscious poem..

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