Enter Moloch

Smiles are charming,
so are snakes....
sometimes they go hand in hand,
when temptation is getting the
best of you.
As you find yourself in the dark,
dancing with the snakes, their bite
is poison and deadly, a smile will
take your breath away, leaving you
gasping for fresh air, you suffocate!
The Lizard Prince breathes life into
you again, a second life is given,
yet, God is not responsible.
Thanking him is a waste of time,
Thank Moloch for his kindness and
dedication to the Children Of The Night.
Enter him with all mind, body, and no
soul; your price for a second chance to
dance on fire with The Lizard Prince
and the snakes of the night, which, lurk
by your feet when you fall asleep, but
really are awake. Spirits don't sleeps in
the purgatory, everyone is deprived.
Walking, disoriented, no sense of truth
or lies. Cries and moans, because death
has left these souls alone, until Judgment
Day, when Moloch will swallow everyone
whole to the pit of fire in his belly, this is
torment, the worst is yet to come.
Time stands still in the purgatory, giving
you plenty of time to continue dancing on
fire with The Lizard Prince.
Be careful some snakes have two faces,
one is human!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Moloch we welcome..

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