I know this boy down the block
named Neil; he doesn't know how
to do anything, yet he steals...
Everyday I see him walking up
and down the street with no shoes
on his feet...he can't be older than
nine, to him everything is fine...

He tries to play with the neighborhood
kids, but they don't like him. He's
not like them. He wears dirty shirts
and torn-up pants; during the
summer he gets bitten by ants,
because he has no shoes on his

Neil lives in a broken down shack,
he sleeps in a cotton sack....

Neil died yesterday, without saying
good-bye, I feel bad because we
never shared a meal, I let him steal,
now I feel miserable, because I never
helped Neil...

Neil was a child living in the streets,
homeless just like Fred...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Neil was only nine years old when he died, a hit-and-run!!

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