A Field Trip...


The Crystal Ship is departing...
"Excuse me, my seat is up front with the V.I.P.s
(Very Ignorant People)

Relax your mind and pick-up your feet. The
Odyssey of your life is about to begin..."Hi,
I'm your guide, Jim." The Soft Parade has begun.
Front row seats...

Undiscovered regions: Close your eyes, but don't
visualize what you already see. Close them and
expand the horizons in your mind. Discover
yourself, know yourself. Know your purpose and

A higher level than sobriety, a lower level than
high. Don't ask me why, "I like to get high.....
by the way!" Is there a virgin in this ship that can,
"Light my fire?"

Accommodations are provided, don't be hesitant
to ask. What ever you want, what ever you need...
we feed. "I see a lot of L.A. Women on this cruise...

For those of you with the Roadhouse Blues, don't
worry, we have the world's best bartenders. Drink
your sorrows away. The Bird of Prey is your comfort.

"How are you feeling?" Good. Very good!
Our Soft Asylum awaits to the West. Rest your souls,
this is not even the beginning of it...be prepared.

A toast to those Unknown Soldiers that couldn't join
us. You're in our American Prayers; the Lizard King
awaits our arrival. "Be on your best behavior!"

A voyage through time, into our minds, to the Lake of
Fire. We have arrive at our destination.
"Remove those from the House of Detention, let's get
together one more time."

Follow the path down Moonlight Drive. The Piper awaits
at The Gates of Dawn.
"Thank you all for coming, thank you for your souls. The
Snake wants to play, for this is The End!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Take a cruise and forget yourself.

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