I need a guide, I'm going blind...
Through the Valleys of Shadows and Death,
I wonder...
Searching for the door of my perceptions,
doubt lingers in my mind.
Darkness surrounds my hearth with fear...

Shadows of my past lurking through the woods.
No need to run,
there's nowhere to hide...
Explorer of the mind and spirit. A dead poet,
a dreamer.
Alone...so alone. Navigating my soul for years
through these Valleys; I want to go home!

Contradictions in life, struggling obstacles put
a pause in my journey,
but I must continue. Confrontations, penetrations
of death.
Don't follow me, follow the lead.
I met a girl named temptation; she took away my

Where is my guide, I am completely blind...
A sixth sense has appear; what I feel is not a sense,
but a presence. I am not alone, but don't know who
is with me.
The smell of death in the air. Through the Valley's of
Shadows and Death I roam.
I am frightened and sad, I want to go home!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I want to go home!!!

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