Killing Cain: A poetic prose

A journey through the narrow path--I wonder through time and space,
searching for an answer that cannot be found.

Different spirits along the way keep the conversations through out the
day--I meet a simple plebeian with a tender heart; hitchhiking on Hell's

"How's it going stranger?" I ask. "Not bad, not bad at all," the stranger
replies. "Where you heading," I ask again. "I'm just trying to make my
way up to the highlands," answers the stranger.

"Don't mind if I join you...Um," (looking at him as if saying,
"I haven't got your name yet.") I have asked.

"Oh, pardon me, where are my manners," the stranger says...
continues, "My name is Cain, and no I don't mind the companionship."
"Why thank you, along this path I am known as the Lost Poet," I have

"Shall we continue?" I ask Cain..."Lets," he answers back--

Along the way we meet many fragile spirits, easily broken by words--
acknowledging this weakness, Cain takes advantage of these spirits;
manipulating their minds, putting doubt in their thoughts. Suicidal
actions end their misery.

"Why do you bother the meek, Cain?" Asking him (I turn my stare at
his eyes) "Mind your business, or I will kill you like my stupid brother
Abel!" he states with a harsh tone.

Cain then says, "You see this sign on my forehead; it condemns me
to roam around the world with no salvation. No one can harm or kill
me! So what are you going to do peasant?" Vengeance in his eyes.

I act scared and apologize. I cross the road and continue to walk...
so does Cain.

Slowing down my pace, I let Cain proceed further. Thinking to
myself, "I will kill you son-of-a-bitch!"

Days have past and this Odyssey continues; still keeping my distance
from Cain. Premeditated murder; it's your fucken time to die--fuck your
curse, the pain I inflict on you will feel worst! My vengeance is rising!

By this time Cain has forgotten that I've been following him. A few
drinks and dirty women have him spinning...continue the walk; feeling
sick Cain goes to the side of the road and spews his sins out...

I creep behind him with a wooden club in my hand. His eyes saw my
approach--he turns and to his dismay, I strike him in his face and
shatter his brains--

Blame me for killing Cain; my subconscious is now dead!!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Killing your subconscious welcomes sins...

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