Another Unknown Soldier

It was all over for another unknown soldier;
he stood at the Crossroads, "Which way is
home?" to the East he roams. A hitchhiker
on the road could be a killer-
Along the way a random stranger says,
"The West is the best!" the unknown soldier
replies, "I follow the beast!" He continues
East, down the highway of lost dreams and
perceptions. He remembers a war, but not
"What for? He recalls killing, but not
justified-A Killer Indeed!
The music in his head is still playing; it won't
stop, its the melody to The End by The Doors;
he screams!! The music is over; when he
focuses his sight again, he sees the ghosts
of the innocent people he killed in war...his
conscious guilty. The road to the East is
getting further, he grows weary, the sun sets
to the West; a bloody red. Under the stars
he finds shelter by a tree and rest; he dreams
of the beast...Moloch.
When the sun rises, he realizes he's walking
the last steps of his end; he stops, heavy with
a burden in his heart, the pain of the slain is
to deep too contemplate. "My life ends now."
he says. With a black 45 Smith and Wesson,
he blows his brains, matter scattered. Another
unknown soldier victim of post war syndrome;
suicide silences the voices within. Another
unknown soldier dead on the road before
getting home...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

they come back more confused than how they left.

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