This Poem is a Song...

I met the lady of my dreams,

so please don't wake me from
my sleep...with a celestial

voice, her presence is Angelic.


If we can fall in love at first

sight, then I'm in love.


Passion when she sings, I'm

here to tell you, I want to
conquer your heart without

poetry, create the rhyme
with your rhythm...


This Poem is a song I cannot

sing, only express.


You are the reflection of

perfection, the better

half that I need...still patiently

await for your heart, to settle

in the thought of loving a poet

like me.


I will confess your presence is

hypnotizing, if you only knew

what this song is trying to say,

but I have no music without you!


My first thoughts are of you each

morning I awake, you become my

dream when fall asleep, the words

to this song are becoming more

poetic, accompany me with your

guitar as I rehearse you...

my poetry!


An artist like me, maybe lonely like

me. Lovers we could be, if you 

become the words to my poem, and

I the song of your life...



Author's Notes/Comments: 

She's a hot momma...

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