And Her Name Is...?

Scene 1.5

She came to me like a song, played a fine tune until
the needle broke on the 45*__now she just repeats
herself; a broken record player, and my jukebox
won't play her music...

Scene 2

She came to me like a shooting star; granting my
every wish, then my wishes became to complicated
too grant; she gave me a Chinese cookie, and told
me, "Give your luck a try!"

Scene 3

She came to me with all the right answers to the
wrong test, said she was never wrong, unless it
was multiple choices, then she would choose the
best two answers out of three, from a possible
four. She failed again...

Scene 3.5

She came to me like a dream, but I was awake;
lingered in my thoughts all day. When night fell
she became a nightmare, so I stayed awake and
never slept or dreamed again-

Scene 4

She came to me with education and a career--
praised herself, I applauded her. When I asked,
what kind of education she studied, she replied,
"Street Credential." A hood mentality. Her career,
to live from other's hard work and dedication. I
said, "Bitch, get the fuck out my home, and don't
come back no more."

Scene 5

She came back with a gun and a rant. I shot her
with her own gun.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

psycho bitches!

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