Seas of Love/The Illusion of Love

Navigating through the seas of
Waves of sorrow crash against
the vessel-
Holding together by faith, grip
slipping away by discontent-
Stars are guiding, moonlight
Off-course and disoriented,
navigating the seas of love.
Maybe impatient but I wanted
to sail-
Was told, "follow the stars and
love will not fail."
Love did not fail, love drowned.
Sailing the seas of love created
by tears from a broken heart-
Adrift at sea, sad to say I never
found comfort and convenience
in love...
creating an Illusion out of the
idea of being in love...

Love is a mental Illusion,
satisfaction of feelings-
Comfort and convenience
trigger emotions in vertigo-
A love seen at first sight now is
negligence seen through the eyes
of the beholder-
Love is non-existent, created
by comfort-
Love is not the fire one seeks,
convenience ignites the spark
Therefore, love has no meaning,
only intentions-
Lost of comfort brakes a heart,
no convenience brakes a spirit,
and happiness is not guaranteed.
Why seek the unsearchable?
The Illusion of love created by

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A loveless poem...

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