Now that I am Thirty, perhaps everything
will be better-
Perhaps the light will finally shine my path-
Perhaps I will get lost again and never
Three decades of life, the last half lost in
the translation of love...
perhaps this time around I find a true heart.
I stopped looking...perhaps she will find me.
Contemplated death three years ago...
perhaps I will die within the next three or
Perhaps I will lose my ambition for the
spoken word...if so,
perhaps my life becomes the words in
someone's poetry book...
Wiser I feel...perhaps my wealth grows,
so I can share it with the world.
Perhaps my dreams are lies and my
potential unworthy of rise.
Perhaps my imagination is running afoul,
the ideas of success will burst...
Perhaps going back to school was my
biggest mistake, another debt I do not
Perhaps I do have talent when others wish
the had it-
Perhaps my showcase is the raw deal, yet
one will not know until I grab the
microphone and speak the real...
Perhaps I will never have the spotlight,
but every night the stars above me shine
bright, and tonight your eyes are on me,
paying attention to my time-
Perhaps this is all I need to feel free...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Perhaps this is all make believed!!

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