Lost In Transition

Here and now I hear you laugh, you laugh well, but not the best!
Sometimes we think alike with a similar hate towards arrogance-
Vanity is a sin most die for. We drink from the unholy grail,
yet our wisdom goes beyond our visions...
The translation of love is lost in transition...love is define with a
kiss and a tear of rejection.
Affection comes with a price and time is not the cost...
Dedication should not be asked for, but given!
My ambition is to thrive, your is to drive a new car- do not call me
when you cannot make a payment...your lost in the transition of
life; 'Living In Fear Everyday' that you will not be accepted for
whom you are, but for what you show to have-
love is also define materialistically.
Invest in your future and not others interest-
the house you park your Benz in has no furniture, deprivation of
sleep because you cannot impress...lost in the transition of self-
worth and respect.
I will confess I spend my money before I make it, but then again,
I never been in love with money...
My mind is straight and my path narrow, I cannot turn back,
it is a one-way arrow- if I fail now, I have lost myself in the
transition of learning from my mistakes...
so everyday I write in my book of poetry and everyday I enjoy
life where 'Learning Is Found Everyday' with every step I take-
Your appearance may give a misconception of your views, do not
cry when you get caught-up in a lie...if you try and hide, the truth
shall be set free-
Do not deny that you may have an addiction, ask for help if you
feel like a victim...
I am not Jesus, but I can save you, just reach out and touch me.
Do not lose yourself in the transition of reality-
the quality of life has more value than gold...it is not trying to be
someone you are not; living for others or denying your worth...
Life IS challenging, yet, easy to get lost in transition.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

It is easy to get lost.

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