One Night Stand

I FELL for her CHARM, her SMILE intriging...

For weeks I kept my distance, my guard up,

still desiring to taste her sweet lips...

The day came when she spoke and chemistry was


She spoke about family and how

'if two people really like each other, they will

find a way to spend time together.' I FELL for her lines.

The week to follow was magical,

she text Hi! and I kept in touch!

When I saw her, her eyes lit up, she called me 'LOVE'...

That was nice!! Her embrace was warm and heartfelt....

she LIT my FIRE!! God knows how much I DESIRE her.

Something told me, 'this is to good to be true'.

Being that love abandons me, I took a chance.

So a date was set! We went out, drank, laughed,

ate, met her friends, smoked weed, and dance the night away...

We left early to continue our rendezvous by ourselves...

we were naked before we hit the bed,

passion was so hot the walls started sweating...

Our bodies met and fluids were exchanged with

grunts, moans, screams, and more!!!

HOT SEX on the platter...Her body smooth, her naval pierced,

breast firm as I worked my way from one-to-the-next!

A night of LUST and PASSION!!

TWO LOVERS collide like two SUPERNOVA stars

crashing and exploding into each other...

In the morning, we awoke naked! Smiling, wanting more

of each we welcomed the SUN in HEAT!!

When I took her home, she said, 'I had a great time with you.'

'Likewise,' I replied.


A 'ONE NIGHT STAND.' I still miss her,

but for me, I miss EVERY lady I've been with!!!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

One night stands are common...

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