Untitled 003

Untitled Series

Modern days, evil ways...
another Tyrant is dead,
the Antichrist has risen.
Military men and women
lose faith selling their
freedom to death,
snipers in the hoods,
ghetto drive-by's.
The innocent become
the victims in a society
where greed is priority
and education a burden.
Modern politics, evil
politicians debating the
Apocalypse, introducing
the "9-9-9" bill, quietly
referring to the mark of
the beast, "666."
Raping America,
destroying families,
children and parents
separated, an economic
flux with no foundation.
A President with words
that echo through the
ears of a nation with
divided attention.
Ongoing wars, lost
battles...when peace
settles, it will be too late.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

it will be too late...

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