Untitled 001

Untitled Series

Characters seduce
weakening knees,
personalities clash
when words melt the
soul away, doves cry
in silence--
Liars fill cathedrals,
wingless angels are
known as demons mixing
holy water with vodka...
shaken not blessed.
Secrets are confessed,
priest are possessed
with evil divinity--
Sinners do not pray,
we wish to be heard...
sacrificing virgins to
demigods can be Illuminati,
blessings with a 33* degree,
monies to trust.
Welcome one currency,
entertain the guilt, scan the
mind to find pleasure in
the past.
Smoke from the peace pipe
enlightens the way, clarity
in sight. I used to fight my
demons, now they roam
free...I still wear my halo
with tar covered wings. Amen.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I still wear my halo...

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