Angry Soul

Help I think I have an angry soul.

I can't stand being stabbed in the back.

And no, it wasn't the end of the world.

But please,

Don't tell me that.

We made a truce

And you agreed with it.

But then,

When it benefitted personal gain,

You ignored it.

I can't stand that.

Stay true to what you say.

Stick to your words.

I probably wouldn't have cared.

But I was the one who even gave you this opportunity and now you just fucking took it from me.

And you did it behind my back.

Guess what?

We both want to go to the same school.

Yes, life is competitive.

But we are friends.

You said you loved me.

And you have no idea how much this hurt me.

Am I going to see you in it?


Because you are still my friend,

But at the same time

Fuck you.

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