Just Another Relapse

My hand extended, yours retracts. Just another sign that we’re having a relapse.

Going back to the times when noting went right, we just screamed and fought all through the night. 

You used to look at me with love and passion, now your eyes are filled with a hungering for expression.

You go to speak but hold your words back, why don’t you just say what’s on your mind? 

There used to be a time when you would be silent around me because you had a surprise for me. 

Now you’re quiet because the silence is all we know that will keep our tempers under control. 

You used to hold my hand and kiss my forehead, now those words are just a fairy tale left behind as our relationship grows with time.

Every time we relapse it goes back to this.

A hating for each other, we can’t stand one another.

Everything we do gets under the others skin.

Push all the wrong buttons, say all the wrong things.

Yet we still hold onto those good times.

Hoping it will go back to those days, because in our hearts we know that love will always prevail over our hateful ways.

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