Just You and Me

Your finger tips slide up my back, it’s so tantalizing, eagerly trying to unclip the clasp.

Our kiss so passionate; this whole night we’re only living in the moment. 

We don’t worry ‘bout how we got here, not concerned about our feelings that will follow after. 

Right now it’s just you and me. 

I kiss you deep as my fingers brush your cheek. 

I tug at your shirt, then smile through your lips as your teeth bite my lip gently. 

My hands slide down the sides of your body; having you in front of me is so enticing. 

You hold me tightly, your embrace so exciting.

Your hands slide to my hips as you lift me up. I wrap my legs around your waist as I fall in love. 

Tonight it’s only you and me, our hearts fallin’ for each other so innocently .

We’re skin on skin up against one another. This embrace keeping us closer than ever.

We’re both so exposed yet so strong, both so confident in ourselves, it’s what we’ve been searching for all along. 

I express my emotions as they dance across my lips, breathing them out so they dance along your chest. 

They paint a picture along your body, illustrating what you’ve done to me.

You stripped me of everything I know, left me open for room to grow. 

Now we both lay here gasping for air, entangled in each other with nothing to fear. 

We smile at each other, I can see it in your eyes, this invigorating act has made us both so alive.

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