I'm Just Shy

I scream, I cry I keep trying to deny how I I feel. 

I walk around my feelings buried deep;  my face masks all the pain.
You ask how I am and the answers always the same, I'm fine.
You say I'm always quiet, I tell you I'm just shy.
Why do I always lie?
I'm not shy, I just can't tell you that I always cry.
I can't tell you that my mind is a dangerous place or that I hate the human race.
Such analytical, cynical, creatures instilled with hate and  hostility.
This place you call "reality" is a place filled with deceit. 
I'm tired of this pain, I never seem to gain anything from it. 
I'm going insane, I can't do this I can't face the pain.
Someone help me, someone please,
If you want me to I'll beg on my knees.
Behind these blue eyes is someone with so many lies they can't keep up.
Someone whose eyes shed tears and they just lie in bed and cry.
In my heart I beg for help yet my mind denies it and tells the world I'm fine. 
I wish you knew how I feel, but why should you when you don't know that my hurt is real; because  to you, I'm just shy.
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