Poisonous Decisions

You say you love me,

then why do you leave me?

If you want me,

then just stay here with me.

Why is there all these ups and downs? 

What did I do wrong?

Why do I always screw up?

I just want things to work out right,

but it’s like the demons take my hopes every night.

They haunt me as they dance in my head,

they never leave always perched on my bed. 

They get inside my mind,

they always take what’s rightfully mine.

They leave these poisonous decisions.

I’m not allowed to decide what’s right

because the choice is never mine.

I try my best to make things work,

yet I always seem to find a way to change that path

and I look at things like I’m blind. 

These nightmares scare me in my sleep,

they terrify me when I wake

because I know that I just keep making the same mistakes.

I never know why I can’t do anything right,

maybe it’s the demons leaving imprints in my mind.

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