Life Of Love And Hate

The earth shakes,

my walls begin to break.

That barrier I built up,

comes crashing down without warning.

I don’t know what to do,

I can’t think,

all these thoughts and feelings come crashing through. 

So overwhelmed, I fight to break free.

All these emotions overpower me.

I feel so powerless,
 my sanity put to the test. 

It’s slipping, failing.

I’m no longer different from the rest.

All those lies, the hard times
they make us who we are.

We fight we try, not giving up don’t want to die.

We’re strong, we live, survive each day.

We fight through the pain and all the feelings we’re put through.

It works for us, we eventually find love.

A passion for disaster, a love for the pain.

Just a life of both love and hate.

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