I Know

You say I'm your destiny,

but Hell every minute you mean less to me.
I don't know what to tell you,
I feel like you're so see through.
All the lies you put me through,
I don't know how I ever liked you.
You're just nothing but a deadbeat liar,
I know that you've always liked her.
No need to pretend we're perfect,
Stop lying 'bout the marks on your neck.
I know that you cheated,
no more trying to convince me to believe.
I know what you've done, 
You're impossible, we've had our run.
It's time for you to realize you've lost me your "only one". 
I know that I'll be fine,  
it's the years we've spent together that really make me wonder;
how long has this been going on. 
Was I always your "special one".
Or was I just a number,
just a girl you could get under.
I'm done with all the shit you put me through.
It's time that I leave you.
Take one last look at what you gave up,
I'm leaving now I wish you luck.
You were just one flaw in my life, 
now I can move on and create happier times.
I'll never see your face again,
the thought makes me jump up and down inside.
As I turn and walk away,
You call out "baby please just wait."
You're begging is way too funny,
You know just what you did so go crying to you're other "hunny". 
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