Game Of Disaster

I keep downing drinks faster and faster.

I’ll be the game master

Own this game of disaster

Getting drunker and drunker

Lights get dimmer

My mind falls deeper into the abyss

My heart just a waterfall,

Pouring over the edge 
my life a near miss.

I tried to build it up to be great

I made a mistake…I looked at my problems with hate.

I need to let go and just move on,

No…I can’t I feel too much pain

Drink after drink don’t know where I am

Only know where I’ve been.

I call out for help,

I don’t know my name

I’ve washed away all my hope.

Drowned the pain and now I’m ashamed.

Had so much ahead of me but it’s time I let go

Ill stop thinking
, I’ll get lost in free fall

Nothing will stop me…
I just keep falling backwards

No one to catch me.

Now I’m over the edge

Falling through the sky. 

All I see are the city lights

The darkness filled with all those lies.

Then everything’s black and there’s nothing.

I wake up in an alley,

Only to remember Im just wasting away.

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