Yesterday Was The End Of It All

Our love was so true, 

not having you here I feel so out of tune; 

like a song without rhythm or a voice without reason. 

My body just an empty shell.

I never knew how much you meant until I fell. 

I loved you will all my heart. 

Not having you here is ripping me apart. 

I still see the pictures you drew up on my wall.

I'm still staring at my phone waiting for you to call. 

I pray it will happen, 

but yesterday you said was the end of it all. 

To break it all off, leaving me broken inside;

now I'm just a clock that can't keep track of time. 

So out of sync with the rest of the world. 

Your voice would lull me to sleep.

Every night you'd lie awake right next to me;

you'd always brush the hair off my cheek.

I swear life with you was just like a dream;

it all flowed so perfectly. 

We thought we would last forever

but we should have known better.

I was never good enough for you,

but who would've guessed the end would be so soon...

Your face just a memory in time.

Love is such a passionate crime. 

We steal hearts, tearing at them till they fall apart. 

Then we give them back without remorse 

and just walk away continuing on life's course. 

Your shadow's just a memory, 

of all the reasons why life is a living Hell. 

I hold my hands to my heart, just trying to feel a beat. 

I'm praying that God won't hit repeat. 

It hurt so much the first time; 

everything I loved was gone in the blink of an eye. 

I listen for your voice, 

I hate knowing that this was your choice. 

I lay here alone, just staring at the ceiling.

I'm just an empty body without feeling. 

I'm waiting for your call;

even though yesterday was the end of it all...

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