Closet Of Disguise

There's nothing left, nothing here. 

We're all just living life out of fear. 

I can't complain, no time to cry. 

I'll drown the pain, I'll mask my fear. 

I can't show you how I feel. 

I can't risk the hurt. 

I'll build these walls higher, 

I won't fall down in the dirt. 

There's no remorse, no one cares. 

I'll face this life scared and alone. 

I won't admit to the scars that the light has shown. 

The scars that embed my mind,

they're just memories forgotten over time.

I'm standing still, I can't move; 

calling out for help yet I'm still left alone. 

The light will always break me down, 

it will rip me apart day after day. 

All my secrets I've kept hidden. 

I wear my mask to hide the truth, 

but my fantasy is starting to break. 

My closet of disguise, my happy memories I create. 

My lies will be the reason for my demise.

I guess this fantasy doesn't work with fate. 

Reality will always win, I shall be forever alone.

Broken, forgotten...

My life just a memory of all the truths unspoken.

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