Wars of Indifference

It's another dark stormy night,

the silence is broken with the kids screams of fright. 

They're all just praying you'll show them the light,

just begging that you'll make this world right.

We try and grasp what we see, 

only trying to understand what we don't believe. 

We trust in you Lord that you'll set us free.

The wars of hatred, indifference leading to wars misled. 

An anger, a passion, all this portrayed in the worst fashion.

We hold eachother tight, crying and shaking every soul so alike. 

In the times of despair we're not alone, one sole group that cares.

What must we witness to show this persistence that lies within us;

It's like we've stopped caring we ask for forgiveness. 

So please, I pray with you as my witness, hold us close to you. 

Don't let go, we will wait for your cue. 

Take us away from here, I don't want to live in fear.

I'll stay strong and won't shed a tear 

because even through the dark and the fright 

I'll stay strong with you by my side showing me the light. 


Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this a great deal of time ago, I'm not the most spiritual person but after all the stories of all those children dying throughout the world I couldn't help but write about it and I somehow came up with this. 

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