Struggling To Make A Change

My world is turned upside down.
I’m lost and broken, I doubt I’ll ever be found.
My heart seeps with hatred, I’m filled with a yearning for revenge.
A painful past to paint my future.
I feel so alone…don’t have a family…no such thing as home…
I wander in search of something better, even a temporary shelter.
The streets are so dark and cold, it sends chills straight to my bones.
I never find any comfort, always left just lying on the stone.
I just cry myself to sleep, it’s now a luxury to breathe. 
My memories are all tainted, they haunt me as I sleep.
I just sit here and beg strangers for something to eat.
I walk by all the fancy homes, trying to imagine life not all alone.
I always think about my childhood, I was just a child misunderstood. 
Now I scavenge through the streets,
thinking about what might happen to me. 
Maybe if I went to school and made some friends, they could’ve shown me the good in life. 
I could’ve been successful, maybe a doctor or a lawyer or even better; a caring loving mom. 
Someone who was married to a man who loved his job. 
I could’ve been happy as we raised our kids to know right from wrong. 
I could watch as they played games, cherishing their smiling face…
I look at my life now…it’s just a joke sent up straight from hell. 
I pray that one day things will change, because I know I can’t go on this way.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I was sitting around and began to think negatively about my life and then I looked around, really looked and I saw that I have food, clothes, a home and family and friends. I then thought about how lucky I was, how I am able to attain the future I desire and then I began thinking how there are people out there who aren't as fortunate as I am. In the end I somehow managed to come up with this poem.